Dear Geoff,

In light of the above discussion about quarterly reviews on Wikimedia-l,
can we find a set of quarterly goals for Legal somewhere?

In particular I personally feel that the following would be helpful as
goals for Legal this quarter:

* Establishing timeline commitments for Affcom to respond to requests for
approvals or for Affcom to ask new questions about a requested approval.
Having approval requests stay open for weeks with no communication from
Affcom creates challenges for thematic orgs which are working on our own
timelines that may have dependencies on Affcom action. I have experienced
this myself and have heard about similar issues happening with other
requests. I suggest that Affcom have a commitment that all inquiries will
recieve substantive responses within 14 days of the date of the inquiry, or
otherwise Legal will take over the handling of the inquiry so that progress
of thorgs can continue in a timely manner.

* Similarly, establishing timeline commitments for Legal to respond to
community and thematic org inquiries. I have experiened lengthy  delays on
more than one occasion about what I feel are simple questions. I feel that
a commitment that Legal will respond substantively to inquiries within 14
days would be helpful, and would appreciated by the community and thematic

Thanks very much.


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