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Below you will find the report of activities of October and November 2014
done by the volunteers of Wikimedia Mexico. Please don't hesitate to get in
touch with us if you require extra information about this activities or
only to make some suggestions.

The report is also available on Spanish and English in our wiki:

https://mx.wikimedia.org/wiki/Informes/Octubre_2014/ (October/Spanish)

https://mx.wikimedia.org/wiki/Informes/Noviembre_2014/ (November/Spanish)

Happy holidays! See you next year. Greetings from the Wikimedia Mexico

On behalf our chapter.
Carmen Alcázar (User:Wotancito)
WMMX Secretary.

==Journal October==

;October 3 to 5
* Carmen Alcázar and Iván Martínez participated in the First Meeting of
Digital Activists of Indigenous Languages, organized by Global Voices of
Rising Voices, Surco, A.C., and the Research Library "Juan de Córdova".

;October 4
* Wikipedia edition workshop at Capilla del Arte, in the city of Puebla,
state of Puebla, offered by Pepe Flores.

;October 14
*Participation in the seminar France-Mexico "Learning communities and
digital resources", organized by Digital Communities for Learning in Higher
Education (Codaes), the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), and the
Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la
Recherche, France Université Numérique.

;October 16
*Participation in ''"Diálogos para una #CiudadAbierta"'' (Talk towards an
#OpenCity) in Mexico City

;October 17
*Meeting with Ricardo Trujillo Vega, Communications Sub-Director at the
National Museum of Art (MUNAL) about GLAM projects.
*Talk about Wikipedia to undergraduate studies at the Police Academy (Calz.
Desierto de los Leones, Mexico City) by Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs.
*Carmen Alcázar meeting with Mariel García and Indira Cornelio from
SocialTic towards the organization of a Feminism Edit-a-thon:

;October 20
*Virtual meeting with Salvador de Jesús Sánchez García, Promotion
Coordinator at the Ciudad Juárez Museum of Art, aboutGLAM projects.

;October 23
*Participation in the 21st National Week of Science and Technology at the
Milpa Alta Technogoly Institute. Topic of the talk was "Wikipedia and its
roots in freedom", by Iván Martínez.
*Talk in the Art University (Unarte) in the city of Puebla

;October 24
*Meeting with representatives of the Digital Humanities Network, for
consulting in Wikimania 2015's content and programme

;October 25
* Monthly Wikipedia editing workshop, by Christian Cariño, Fernanda López
and Omar Sandoval.
*Workshop at Capilla de Arte in Puebla, by Pepe Flores

;October 27
* Moebius 909 radio show: From "Dying of laughter" to Tom Waits

;October 29
* Meeting with Micaela Chávez Villa, Director and Staff of the Daniel Cosío
Villegas Library, part of El Colegio de México (Colmex) about GLAM projects.

;October 30
* Talks in the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, within the
#EditatónAgs (Aguascalientes Edit-a-thon): "Wikipedia and its roots in
freedom" by Iván Martínez and "Wikimedia Commons and free licenses" by
Carmen Alcázar

;October 31
*Editatón Aguascalientes at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

==Journal November==
;November 3
*Moebius 90.9 radio show: "From Lenin to pan de muerto (bread of the dead)".

;November 4
*Presentation of GLAM projects to Nelson Carro, head of the Department of
Film Programming at Cineteca Nacional.
*Meeting with SocialTic, Ímpetu, A.C. (impetumexico.org) and others to work
at the Projects:Gender gap reduction project in Wikipedia.

;November 6
*Participation of Iván Martínez in the meeting held at Fonoteca Nacional:
"From copyright to copyleft. Intellectual property of files".

;November 11
*Carmen Alcázar offered workshops about Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons to
four groups at Hebrew College Maguen David.
*Followup meeting with Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco.
*Presentation of GLAM projects to Lidia Camacho, director of the Fonoteca
Nacional [Mexico's National Audio Library].

;November 12
*Conference offered by Iván Martínez: "El impacto de la Reforma en
Telecomunicaciones [The effects of the telecommunications reform]",
Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.
*Conference offered by Carmen Alcázar: "Proyectos Wikimedia y Licencias
Creative Commons [Wikimedia Projects and Creative Commons Licenses]",
Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.

;November 13
*Conference offered by Iván Martínez: "Lo libre de la Enciclopedia Libre o
de cómo Wikipedia llegó a convertirse en la referencia en Internet [What is
free in the Free Encyclopedia or how did Wikipedia became the reference in
Internet]", Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.
*Basic Wikipedia edition workshop offered by Carmen Alcázar, Technological
Institute of Ciudad Madero.

;November 14
*Followup meeting with Lidia Camacho, director of the Fonoteca Nacional
[Mexico's National Audio Library], attended by [[User:Wotancito|Carmen
Alcázar]], [[User:Correogsk|Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs]],
[[User:ProtoplasmaKid|Iván Martínez]] and [[User:Alanlzd|Alan Lazalde]].

;November 15
*Edit-a-thon about the Middle East in Puebla.

;November 17
*Moebius 90.9 radio show: "From mariachi to summer of love."

;November 21-23
*Participation of [[User:Wotancito|Carmen Alcázar]] and
[[User:ProtoplasmaKid|Iván Martínez]] at Iberoconf 2014 in Buenos Aires,

;November 24
*Moebius 90.9 radio show: "From La Castañeda hospital to Pink Floyd."

;November 28
*Wiki workshop at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (UNAM).

;November 29
*Monthly Wikipedia workshop at Telmex Hub offered by Paulina Sánchez and
Andrés Cruz y Corro.

;November 30
*Participation of Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs in the XVIII International
Congress of Translation and Interpretarion San Jerónimo [Saint Jerome] 2014
("Translation in evolution"; Organización Mexicana de Traductores, A.C.
[Mexican Organization of Translators]-Guadalajara International Book Fair):
"Wikipedia y traducción: el izquierdo de autor y una nueva forma de trabajo
[Wikipedia and translation: copyleft and a new way of working]".
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