Several months ago, Wikimedia Israel conducted a survey on attitudes of the
Israeli public towards Wikipedia. 751 respondents, which provides
sample of the population of Israel, responded to the questionnaire.We paid
particular attention to the fact that the sample included a representation
of young people and the Arabic-speaking population in Israel.

According to the findings, 84 percent of the respondents said they rely on
the online encyclopedia for information, and 60% said they visit the
Wikipediawebsite at least once a week. Almost three-quarters (74%) said the
information found in Wikipedia articles provides all that they need, and
they don’t seekadditional resources.

The survey also showed gaps in relation to Wikipedia between the Arab and
Jewish populations in Israel. While around 60% of the population uses
Wikipedia once a week or more. Within the Arabic-speaking population, the
percentage of daily usage is larger than that of the Hebrew-speaking
population (27.9% versus 21.6%). In addition, 54% of the Arab-speaking
were interested in editing Wikipedia compared to only 33% in the Jewish

41% of the Arab-speaking population said that they search Wikipedia
for articles
in scientific fields, compared to 36.2% among the Hebrew speakers.

Only 8% of respondents had ever edited a Wikipedia article, even though 20%
encountered information they deemed to be in need of amending.

For the results, please see:

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