Pinging Analytics to ask about editor longevity data (:

My understanding is that newbies (<= 10 edits) are more likely to disappear
early in their "careers" than they were 5 years ago, but that editors that
have been active for years are likely to remain active for years.

It would be interesting, as part of the strategic plan process, to work on
improving editor retention. I believe that this may be related to our
treatment and training of newcomers (onboarding, civility, NPP, Teahouse,
etc.) in addition to external changes in our environment (e.g. the rise of


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On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 8:44 AM, Anders Wennersten <>

> On svwp there has over the years been 45 individuals who have each made
> more then 38000 edits.
> Of these 45, 44 are still active, only one has  left (in 2009) making 97,7
> still around. For the users with less then 38 000 edits, only about 6 out
> of 10 is still active.
> Is this a global valid number, that when you have made 38000 edits you are
> fully addicted to Wikipedia ("until death do us part")?
> Anders
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