Jens - your reply to Gerard on the other thread (where it is surely off
topic) was published a couple of hours ago.

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 1:06 PM, Jens Best <> wrote:

> Dear James,
> your praising of WP0 surely deserves or even needs an appropiated answer,
> but as I can't see my answering mail  to Gerard's input from yesterday
> published in this mailinglist so I will wait until this "moderated".
> When I see that my email with the answer to Gerard is published in the
> mailinglist I will take the time to explain you why net neutrality is more
> than you suggest and why we need to be a little bit less starry-eyed when
> it comes to the reasons why telecoms are behaving sooo nice to Wikipedia.
> Also I will add some remarks about why a little bit more humbleness from
> the "we are the knowledge of the world"-fraction would be appropiated in
> the whole discussion.
> best regards
> Jens
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