On 15-04-01 01:06 PM, Jens Best wrote:
> I will take the time to explain you why [I believe] net neutrality
> is more than you suggest and why [I think] we need to be a
> little bit less starry-eyed [than I believe we are] when
> it comes to the reasons why telecoms are behaving sooo nice
> to Wikipedia.
> Also I will add some remarks about why [I think] a little bit
> more humbleness from [those I perceive to be] the "we are the
> knowledge of the world"-fraction would be appropiated in
> the whole discussion.

It would appear that bits of your message were accidentally elided when
it was sent.  I took the opportunity to restore the bits that were
clearly missing - no doubt you did not intend to express your opinion as
though it was fact nor apply it uniformly to everyone on the mailing list.

-- Marc

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