Starting today, editors can use *<graph>* tag to include complex graphs and
maps inside articles.

*Vega's demo:*
*Extension info:*
*Vega's docs:*
*Bug reports:* - project tag #graph

Graph tag support template parameter expansion. There is also a Graphoid
service to convert graphs into images. Currently, Graphoid is used in case
the browser does not support modern JavaScript, but I plan to use it for
all anonymous users - downloading large JS code needed to render graphs is
significantly slower than showing an image.

Potential future growth (developers needed!):
* Documentation and better tutorials
* Visualize as you type - show changes in graph while editing its code
* Visual Editor's plugin
* Animation <>

Project history: Exactly one year ago, Dan Andreescu (milimetric) and Jon
Robson demoed Vega visualization grammar <>
usage in MediaWiki. The project stayed dormant for almost half a year,
until Zero team decided it was a good solution to do on-wiki graphs. The
project was rewritten, and gained many new features, such as template
parameters. Yet, doing graphs just for Zero portal seemed silly. Wider
audience meant that we now had to support older browsers, thus Graphoid
service was born.

This project could not have happened without the help from Dan Andreescu,
Brion Vibber, Timo Tijhof, Chris Steipp, Max Semenik,  Marko Obrovac,
Alexandros Kosiaris, Jon Robson, Gabriel Wicke, and others who have helped
me develop,  test, instrument, and deploy Graph extension and Graphoid
service. I also would like to thank the Vega team for making this amazing

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