Hi, just some brief feedback on the meeting:

* I liked the format.

* Regarding the WMF quarterly performance single-page overview, I think
that is a good basic idea and could use further development. WMF might find
it helpful to consult with Wikimedia France which I hear does good
self-evaluations, and incorporate any helpful ideas.

* Removing potentially unnecessary or antiquated barriers for grants, such
as the current limitations on IEG use of WMF engineering staff time, is
currently high on my wish list.

* The installation of the Wikipedia app by default on mobile devices will
need to be handled carefully. And I am hoping that the mobile apps will
incorporate more features are helpful to contributors to our projects. As
an editor, I find that mobile web is fairly usable but mobile apps have
many limitations.

* When will we hear an update about the progress of the strategic plan?


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