Ps Fabrice sent the blog roundup while I was writing this! Those are all
cool things. Would love to learn about more as well.

On Jun 4, 2015 2:41 PM, "phoebe ayers" <> wrote:

> I need a break from thinking about things going wrong. And so per Milos'
> observation that discussion here is falling off, I thought I'd start an
> open discussion thread about things going right.
> What's a cool thing you just discovered or are involved in that is
> happening in the Wikimedia world?
> My contribution: the SF Wikimedia list just had an announcement about an
> edit-a-thon (organized by Jake Orlowitz at the wmf office) that is
> happening during the American Libraries Conference, which is in SF this
> year. 30,000 librarians attend ALA! I'm super pleased we are infiltrating
> library conferences :)
> What's happening over in your part of the project?
> Phoebe
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