Dear all
As you all know in the Wikmedia movement nothing really inspiring and
creative can be done without the volunteers. Their ideas, time and energy
are priceless. That is why Wikimedia Poland has created an award to say
"thank you" to great people that inspire and coordinate our projects
(expeditions, workshops, editathons, photo contests etc.) and for the
volunteer of the year.
We invited four people from the outside of the Wikimedia movement - people
representing cultural institutions NGO's and the media - to form a jury
with a task to choose the projects and the volunteer that should be
rewarded. The jury also gave us precious information about how people who
are not Wikimedians see our projects and which they perceive as the most
interesting and inspiring.

The ProWikimedia 2015 award will be given in 4 categories:
1. Free content ambassador - in recognition of a project which had major
impact on promoting openness, knowledge of free licenses, and free culture
outside Wikimedia communities or which resulted in resources that were of
great use to projects, institutions and publications outside of the
WIkimedia movement
2. Efficient content acquisition - in recognition of a project which
exhibited a high ratio of acquired content quality and quantity in the
context of financial outlays
3. Innovation / pioneering character in acquiring free content - in
recognition of a project which showed creativity, innovative approach and
original viewpoint in acquiring free contents for the WIkimedia projects
4. The volunteer of the year

The award ceremony will take place this Saturday in the library of the
European Solidarity Center - an institution with a mission of
maintaining the heritage and message of the Solidarity movement and sharing
the achievements of the peaceful struggle for freedom, justice, democracy
and human rights. And it is a great place to recognize the great effort of
Wikimedia volunteers who change the world by sharing knowledge.

The ProWikimedia project has already (thanks to the outside jury) thought
us a lot about our actions and initiatives and given us precious (and
sometimes surprising) insight. But it's main purpose is to keep our
volunteers inspired, encourage them to start new initiatives and show them
how great job they are doing. I am really excited about this award as I
truly believe that showing gratitude to our volunteers is something really
important. And we need to find new ways to do it.

Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska
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