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> China and Iran blocks https (and WMF thinks https is more secure than
> http when it can be EASILY blocked lol)

China is currently blocking HTTP and has done so quite frequently. The
ability to block is largely unrelated to security.

> so people in these countries
> used wikipedia on http, so some here think that these countries are
> spying on them by forcing them to use http, but that https block in
> this countries was NOT to target wikipedia, it was to target social
> networking sites and  american based email sites like yahoo and gmail
> etc..but now by moving to HTTPS, we have now become a target for those
> countries......well done..

That doesn't make sense. HTTPs doesn't hide the domain. The country can
still tell that someone is visiting wikipedia rather than say facebook.
What becomes more difficult is telling what a person is viewing on

> and to add to that, people who used
> wikipedia in those countries to find the "truth" about whats happening
> in their country and other regions can no longer do so since its
> blocked..Well Done again WMF..

Well actually no they couldn't if they had a government with active
blocking measures. With HTTP traffic governments and ISPs can (and did)
block individual pages that they don't like.

> Someone has to be fired for this.
That would seem to be something of an over reaction even if you disagree
with the decision.

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