The Wikipedia Library has new, free research donations available to you...

*Taylor & Francis* — major publisher of academic journals with 2 subject
collections: Arts & Humanities and Biological, Environment & Earth Sciences
(30 accounts)

*World Bank eLibrary* — digital platform containing all books, working
papers, and journal articles published by the World Bank from the 1990s to
the present (100 accounts)
 <http://enwp.org/WP:World Bank>

*AAAS* — general science publisher, which publishes the leading journal
*Science* among other sources (50 accounts)

New French-Language Branch donations!

*Érudit *— French-Canadian scholarly database of humanities and social
sciences, with sources in both English and French (50 accounts)

*Cairn* — Cairn.info is a Switzerland based online portal of scholarly
materials in the humanities and social sciences. Mostly French, but also
some English (100 accounts)

*L'Harmattan* — French language publisher of non-fiction and fiction, with
a strong selection of francophone African materials  (1000 accounts)

Many other partnerships are still available, including an expansion of
Royal Society Journals:

If you have suggestions for journals or databases we should seek access to
request it!

We are looking for more help coordinating the Wikipedia Library's account
distribution and global development!

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