My understanding was that there were  two new engineering positions last
year that were supposed to be dedicated to geolocation and mapping
improvements. I get the impression that most of the improvements in the
past year have been aimed at mobile platforms. I asked about the plans for
geolocation and mapping on the Annual Plan talk page but have yet to see a
response. I too am interested in the general subject of geolocation.

On Jul 19, 2015 5:39 AM, "Nou Nouill" <> wrote:

> Hi !
> So today Geohack don't work few hours, once gain. It has been many times
> that Geohack is down these last months (and years). The previous issue was
> linked with the Tools labs problems (but not today, Tools Labs was
> working).
> In addition to that maintenance problem, I don't see Geohack evolve those
> last years. The tool have a old design. It has different configurations for
> each language, so when a user do translation, he has to adapt to each
> configuration.
> Moreover, in plenty of language, Geohack have long lists of hundred links,
> with lot of useless links, because languages communities want to describe
> exhaustively web mappings service. So the presentation of Geohack is often
> very weighed down.
> For me, Geohack is the more useful tools on Tools Labs with a massive
> visibility for the viewers (each coordinate on WM use Geohack and there are
> several hundred thousands coordinates). Geohack is also use by contributors
> (when I translate a article with a coordinate, It's usually more practice
> to check coordinate in Geohack).
> So, I want to ask if the Foundation have a plan to improve Geohack ? I have
> the impression when I see that Geohack was
> mainly
> maintain by volunteer, but for me Geohack is a core item of the Wikimedia
> sphere. So I don't understand that situation since few years. I hope it's
> the place to do this comment.
> Nouill.
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