Dear Wikimedia friends and partners,

We have just published our FDC progress report for the first half of
2015. It’s a quite lengthy document, so I would like to highlight some
shared learning for the Free Knowledge movement that we present in
this report.

We have published several learning patterns and material, for example
on participation in post-conference surveys, crowd-funding campaign,
recording audio samples, relationships with donors, and sharing
information with the movement:

The grant report for the Wikimedia Conference 2015 includes a lot of
lessons learnt that can also be applied to other movement events:

The committee that was tasked with the transition of our Executive
Director reported on their process and provides advice for similar
processes in other organisations, no matter if big or small:

Our annual compass 2016 provides WMDE with vision and direction for
the upcoming planning process and lists new volunteers, software
development and public policy as the three priorities for our work in

If you have questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out
to us. You can either engage via the respective talk pages or directly
with the contact persons involved. If you are not sure whom to best
reach out to, get in touch with me and I will connect you.


Nicole Ebber
Vorstandsreferentin Internationale Beziehungen
Adviser to the ED, International Relations

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