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On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Anne-Laure Prévost <> wrote:

> Hi Asaf,
> Thank you for sharing these news! I think building capacities is key for
> our movement and the way this initiative is presented seems to me very
> relevant and useful.
> I am wondering to what extent / how this articulates :
> - with the programme and work done at Wikimedia Conference this year, where
> most of these topics where covered
> - with the follow-up day of WMCON at Wikimania in Mexico where some
> sessions where dedicated to these topics
> - with the work done by several subcommunities (such as the Volunteer
> Support Network, for instance, who - I guess - is dealing with most of
> these issues)
> Do you plan to map and embark the several existing initiatives around these
> topics across our movement, to build on what's already existing, and how?
> Do you plan to have one contact point per topic at WMF to make co-creation
> and cooperation as efficient as possible?
> What is the actual target group of the initiative? Only "Emerging
> Communities" or also already "emerged" communities?
> It seems to me that there are parallel actions aiming at the same goal
> here, and it would be great to see them dialogue, converge or even merge
> rather than dissipating our efforts on such important matters. What do you
> think ?
> Thanks a lot for your answers,
> Have a great week,
> Anne-Laure
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> Dear Wikimedians,
> {{Nutshell|WMF Community Engagement Team is allocating staff time and
> funding to deliberate capacity-development projects with interested
> communities in six capacity areas: community governance; conflict
> management; on-wiki technical skills; new contributor engagement and
> growth; partnerships; communications}}
> ==Details==
> This is a new way of partnering with WMF: through two way conversations
> (rather than top-down planning), WMF will work with specific emerging
> communities to explore obstacles for community growth and explore and pilot
> solutions together.
> The first phase of this work consisted of a series of in-depth interviews
> with individuals from 16 specific emerging communities to gather
> information about existing and missing capacities.  Reviewing those
> interviews in aggregate, we came up with six capacities it seems useful to
> work together on.
> We prepared a page per such capacity, detailing challenges and possible
> approaches to build that capacity. We welcome your  feedback! Contributions
> to those pages can be done in the following ways:
> * Sign up on the sidebar of each capacity subpage if you want to implement
> certain practices described,
> * Provide more links to resources,
> * Expand the Potential Solutions section with new ideas.
> These pages, including your contributions, will serve as the basis for
> specific conversations with specific communities to develop plans or
> projects to build capacity.
> During this initial pilot period, we intend to pursue projects in two or
> three capacities at most, which will be chosen according to community
> interest, scale of community, and scale of readership.  We expect some of
> the specific actions we take in these projects would create resources
> [re-]usable by other communities as well.
> ==Join the Conversation==
> We invite you all to read through the capacity pages, and specifically, to
> see if the challenges described resonate with you and your community.  If
> they do, have an on-wiki discussion about it with your community, and if
> there's general interest, sign up on the capacity pages and we'll have a
> conversation about what might be some possible next steps.
> Find the six capacity pages on Meta, here:
> Looking forward to fruitful engagement,
>    Asaf Bartov
>    Sati Houston
>    Community Engagement department
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