On 8/31/2015 12:06 PM, Luis Villa wrote:
While Philippe will be impossible to completely replace, I am excited to
share that Maggie Dennis [[User:Mdennis (WMF)]] has been promoted to
Director of Community Advocacy, effective immediately. I expect Maggie’s
amazing combination of energy, patience, and organization will make her a
great leader for the team, and that the team will continue to be a solid
source of support and communication with contributors.
There are few things that could more perfectly illustrate what Philippe means to the movement than asking Maggie to fill his position. Both are among the finest people I have had the chance to observe, work with, and learn from in their many years of involvement with Wikimedia. Each of them has seemed to me almost ubiquitous at times; and while I know the potential to spread oneself a little thin in doing so, they both have an unfailingly supportive presence and a tremendously deep understanding of our values. I offer them each my best wishes in their respective futures, both where this touches Wikimedia and where it does not.

--Michael Snow

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