Dear Wikimedia Colleagues:

As you may know, Annual Plan Grants are funds allocated to support an
organization’s annual plan to achieve Wikimedia objectives, and the Funds
Dissemination Committee (FDC) is a group of Wikimedians who make
recommendations to the WMF Board about Annual Plan Grant (APG) proposals.
Proposals to the APG program are accepted twice each year, in April and
October. You may read more about the APG process and upcoming milestones

Today, we are pleased to confirm that fourteen of eighteen organizations
that submitted letters of intent for 2015-2016 Round 1 of the APG process
are eligible to submit proposal forms for 2015-2016 Round 1 by the upcoming 1
October 2015 proposal form due date. Only eligible organizations that have
already submitted letters of intent will be able to submit proposal forms
using their proposal hub pages that were created at the time the letters
were submitted.

The eligible organizations are:

Amical Wikimedia

Wikimedia Argentina

Wikimedia CH

Wikimedia Czech Republic

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

Wikimedia Eesti

Wikimedia España

Wikimedia Israel

Wikimedia Nederland

Wikimedia Österreich

Wikimedia Serbia

Wikimedia Sverige

Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia Ukraine

Wikimedia Eesti is provisionally eligible pending the submission of
complete financial data for 2014 by the application deadline on 1 October
2014. You may view a detailed summary of how eligibility was determined
here: round1

Proposal forms for Annual Plan Grants will be due by 1 October 2015. Here
are some upcoming milestones:
* Eligibility confirmed: 15 September 2015

* Proposals due: by 1 October 2015

* Community review: 1 October 2015 - 30 November 2015

* Staff assessments published: by 8 November 2015

* FDC deliberations: middle of November 2015

* FDC recommendations published: by 1 December 2015

* Board decision: by 1 January 2016

* Start of new grant terms: 1 January 2016

All eligible organizations must continue to comply with any agreements with
WMF and meet all requirements listed in column (T) of the eligibility
checklist in order to maintain eligibility until and after a grant is
received, and the organization may not be able to receive a grant (or funds
may be withheld) if the organization stops being eligible at any point. Once
proposal forms are submitted, a 30-day public review period will begin on 1
October 2015, when comments on the proposal forms are considered as an
important input into the FDC process.

We encourage you to contact with any questions
about the eligibility process or the proposal process. If you have general
questions or concerns, you may also post them here on Meta:

Best regards from FDC staff!

Winifred Olliff

Program Officer
Wikimedia Foundation

Winifred Olliff
Program Officer
Wikimedia Foundation

Winifred Olliff
Program Officer
Wikimedia Foundation
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