One thing the Foundation could do to help with climate change and
water issues other than move office locations, and which is on topic
because the Foundation has chosen to purchase renewable energy through
contracting with suppliers in the past, is if the Foundation attempted
to secure desalinated water from electrodialysis through contracting
with San Francisco Public Utilities:

There are two benefits: first, electrodialysis is much less expensive
than reverse osmosis, in which almost all existing desalination
companies have a huge amount of institutional inertia-causing
investments of expert personnel, time, money, tooling, and effort;
secondly, the same process can directly remove carbon from seawater:

That is the least expensive method of removing carbon from the
atmosphere other than collecting it at the smokestack, flare, exhaust,
and tailpipe. And it pays for itself because it produces fresh water
as a side effect.

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