For those interested in seeing what the current round of Annual Plan Grant
applications are proposing, I've created a table of the 11 applicants'
documents and relevant reports:

There's a lot of details that the various applicants have published,
describing both what they plan to do in the next year as well as reporting
on how things have gone in the current year so far. There is also the
community review page for each applicant where they have been answering
questions in public from FDC volunteers, WMF staff and the wider community.

Further down the same page, I've also created a comparative table of some
of the core budget items:

This is all public information derived from the above documents. This
enables the community to see in one place how much the different applicants
are requesting; how this differs from their grant last year; what
proportion of their total budget this grant represents, etc.

Those of us on the FDC have spent the last few weeks reading all this
information - and believe me there's a LOT here if you read all of it! - in
preparation for the Round 1 deliberations that will take place soon (as per
Katy's email). Hopefully the creation of these tables will make it easier
for the wider community to get an understanding of what kind of work goes
into making, and also reviewing, an Annual Plan Grant.

Liam / Wittylama
Peace, love & metadata

On 30 October 2015 at 00:06, Katy Love <> wrote:

> Hi Wikimedians,
> On October 30, the community review period [1] for the annual plan grants
> for this round of proposals to the FDC ends. To those of you who have
> reviewed proposals and asked comments or provided feedback, thank you!
> Here are some important upcoming milestones: [2]
> * Nov 1: Round 2 Letter of Intent due. Organizations that are interested
> in applying for an annual plan must submit an LOI. Eligibility requirements
> are here. [3]
> * Nov 9: FDC staff will publish an assessment of the each of the 11
> proposals
> * Nov 15-18: FDC deliberates on the proposals in San Francisco, joined by
> a Board representative
> * By Dec 1: FDC publishes its recommendations to the Board
> If you have any questions about these milestones, I'm happy to help you.
> You can reach me at
> Cheers,
> Katy Love
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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