Hi All,

Apologies for any confusion with the "powered by" language. The purpose of
the language was not, in any way, intended to provide advertising or
endorsement of the survey provider. The reasoning behind this language was:
(1) brevity given limited space; (2) notice to survey takers and link
clickers that they would be taken to a non-Wikimedia site; and (3)
transparency about the survey provider that we are using for that
particular survey and an easy link to that provider's privacy terms so that
users could make an educated decision about their own privacy. We are more
than happy to use alternate language that achieves those purposes.

Regarding why we don't use LimeSurvey - we actually used to use LimeSurvey
years ago. However, if I recall correctly, there were some major security
and scalability issues discovered and Tech decided it would be best to shut
the server down. That is when we started exploring use of third-party
survey providers like Qualtrics.

Hope that helps.
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