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> Do you imply boring is a bad thing?
> In a world more and more focusing on show and 10 seconds fame, I am proud
> and glad to be part of another type of society, where truth, reflection and
> serious discussions are at focus
> Donald Trump is one of the least boring people just now, but I would be
> seriously unhappy if our movement was dominated with Donald Trump clones

Well, perhaps there's some room between the extremes of "regional branch of
German Social Democratic Party" and Donald Trump. Actually, I severely hope

Indeed, I would agree with Milos here. I'd like for many of our events to
become more approachable by and relatable to the non-nerdy general public.
We've built something that hundreds of millions of people are using. Yet,
more often than not, we act more like an obscure/niche open source project
(nothing wrong with them - but they neither aim nor will every reach a
similar impact).


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