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Here is my statement of apology which I sent to my fellow board members Dec
19, 2015 and which has been commented on by a number of them on this list:

To my fellow board members,

After our conversation today it dawned upon me that I have not
communicated well just how much I have learned from this difficult
process. Over the last month I have put a great deal of thought into
what has brought us to where we are today.

First off, I acknowledge a large degree of responsibility for it. My
actions showed inexperience.  What I did was out of process. I did not
communicate sufficiently.  I ignored some of the advice that I

Still, it seems I have not apologized in a meaningful way  I want to
say clearly that I am sorry for my arrogant start as a board member,
and for the disruption it caused.

I need to mention how much I appreciate all the extra effort from
other board members to constructively address the issues we have been
facing. I especially note Guy and Jimmy's efforts with respect to
putting in place extra measures so that the staff can be heard.

While we have disagreed, I have committed to and have supported our
final decision. I have followed the agreed process since our
deliberations.  I believe I have constructively contributed to the
fact that the WMF staff has taken the Board’s decision with a measured
degree of acceptance. I have been working hard on getting WMF staff,
as well as other stakeholders on board.

I have seriously considered stepping down; however, I am not one to
give up easily. I do learn from my mistakes. I know that I have great
deal to offer the board and feel a deep sense of responsibility to the
community that elected me.

You do need a Board member you can trust. I would like to ask you to
give me the second chance to prove that I deserve your trust--I intend
to work hard to earn it.  Our board made the decision to give Lila a
second chance in the face of staff mistrust. In the long road ahead to
improve our movement, I would like to have the same opportunity to
continue working together with you as well.


James Heilman

James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

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