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> The cause of this was not the recent drama around the Board, but a
> recommendation given by the FDC in November 2015, that the WMF should hold
> its own financial decisions to a standard similar to that expected of the
> organizations it funds.

Yes, the FDC has been in discussion about this since at least 2013, and my
hope is that 2016 will start a good example and tradition.

In principle, the way I see it (and it is my personal view only), there
should be different standards for small/grassroot organizations (let's say,
up to 100,000$ budget), medium ones (100k-1m), and the large, fully
professional ones, including WMF, so I think that as a final outcome WMF
should set standards, that will be higher than required from most of the
organizations. But one step at a time.




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