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> Hi Adam
> The WMF has never been a membership based organization.
> ​Hi Anthere,

The bylaws as of September 2004 said: [1]

This membership [
olunteer active membership] shall consist of all persons interested in
supporting the activities of the Foundation who have contributed under a
user name to any Wikimedia project prior to the election ballot request
deadline. The only other qualification for membership shall be the creation
of a user account on some Wikimedia project."


"Each Volunteer Active Member and each Contributing Active Member shall
have the right to vote for the Volunteer User Representative to the Board
of Trustees."

Does that not suggest that the Foundation had a voting membership, and that
one form of membership was extended to anyone who had created a user
account? It did not set up dues, but is that necessary to establish

The bylaws were changed in 2006 and now say: "The Foundation does not have


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