The Discovery's maps team would like to share the progress we have been
making, and our future goals.

* Kartographer extension is getting closer to being deployed. It will allow
editors to insert a map and add article specific data into wiki pages.
Kartographer has a neat Visual Editor interface thanks to Ed Sanders. We
hope to add a good VE maps editor there as well. See [1]
* Wikipedia Android app now shows all nearby articles on a map (Kudos to
Dmitry Brant)
* GeoHack (gps link in the upper right corner) for Russian and Italian
Wikipedias have switched to the new map. English wiki will have it soon as
well (Kudos to Putnik and Legoktm)
* English & Russian WikiVoyage has switched to the new map
* Maps database is automatically refreshed from OSM (thanks to Max Semenik
and Alex Kosiaris)
* We now have a map without place labels [2]

[1] DEMO:

*== Community Projects ==*
* Simon Legner has been actively developing article map [3] with some help
from Tim Alder and Daniel Schwen
* Several people are working on Wikimaps Warper [4] tool to add and
position scanned map images.
* Kartotherian tile server code has been improved [5] and deployed to a
non-WMF site. This makes us very happy because it shows that our code is
useful to others.


*== Future plans / goals ==*
This quarter, our goal is to improve the content discovery experience on
Wikivoyage by rolling out maps to all Wikivoyages.  Specific tasks can be
tracked in Phabricator: #maps [6], #kartographer [7]. These are some of the
tasks we plan to do:

* Deploy Kartographer extension to Wikivoyage
* Add maps editor to Kartographer
* Work with Operations to make maps a production-level service. This
includes adding more caching and backend servers.
* Offer maps as a more stable and feature rich alternative to
* Implement cross-wiki shared data storage
* Implement static service capable of generating a map image with the
article-specific overlays
* Allow editors to add maps directly to Wikipedia
* Implement the most requested features from the Future Plans [8]

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