The 'Thanks report' is up and running again, after being out of action
for the last few months. This seems down to time-outs when running the
query for wikidata, along with Faebot being throttled on labs (now
relaxed) and the more recent account problems needing rolling
automated log-outs for everyone. The newest requested addition is the
Outreach wiki.

See the meta page link above if you would like another wiki added
(after making sure your community is happy with the idea), or want
your account to be opted out of a current report.


On 23 February 2015 at 15:57, Fæ <> wrote:
> I have now set up a monthly report of the top 10 "thankers" /
> "thankees" with an index to the different project reports on the above
> link. These have been generated retrospectively for 2014 and I will
> shortly set this up on WMF labs to run at the beginning of each month
> to add last month's results.*
> Rather than running this automatically for several hundred projects, I
> am happy to add projects on request (so long as the thanks extension
> is being regularly used by more than 10 people!). Just drop a note on
> my meta talk page to request the addition. I have haphazardly picked 6
> of the busiest projects to get started on, mainly as a multi-language
> test, not because I favour one language Wikipedia over another. :-)
> Time for someone to create a "thank you barnstar of super thanks" ?


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