Sources are important. Practically they are neither easy nor always
obvious. When you consider a Wikipedia article with the same fact, it needs
a source in every language the article appears in. To top this off, there
are languages that require sources in their own language. The amount of
effort needed is arguably impossible to do this perfectly for all our
languages. It is therefore important to be smart about it.

Concept clouds [1] are a way developed by Magnus as part of Reasonator [2]
 to show all the links to other articles in every Wikipedia for the same
article. Many of these links also exist as statements in Wikidata.
Arguably, when a link in one article is sourced and this source is known in
Wikidata, arguably the source can be shown in any Wikipedia that includes
that link.

When the Concept cloud view includes the known links, it can also indicate
if there are sources to add weight to the veracity of that link. Thinking
along these lines, it becomes easy and obvious to include some logic.
Wikidata should NEVER link statements to disambiguation, list pages etc.
However this is very much secondary.

The question is: what are the upsides and downsides of such an approach.
The point is very much that sources are important and knowing what links
are available on any level and the level of trust that they have will help
raise the quality of the information that we serve. The least this will do
is provide better tools to maintain sources.

[2] https://tools.wmflabs.org/reasonator/?&q=6828277
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