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> This Grant document for a “Knowledge Engine by Wikipedia” is
> *specifically and overtly stating* that its purpose is to start work
> on an search engine as a rival for Google/Yahoo. That is the end goal
> of the project.

See also:


> It is, therefore, inconceivable to me that the Executive Director
> would privately propose to an external partner that they would
> undertake a 6 year project to build a search-engine that will have
> massive cost, staffing, strategic and content implications - entirely
> without an official WMF strategy covering that period, no indication
> in the current annual plan, without the awareness of the community,
> and unclearly communicated to the Board. I find the fact that this
> could have been done to be a deep breach of our values - and not
> wholly unrelated to the current sudden exodus of long-serving members
> of WMF staff.
> Liam / Wittylama
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