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Another day... another announcement :)

We closed yesterday the last vote session for winning pictures of Wiki Loves Africa 2015.

We are happy to announce our winners

First picture is a very relaxing sight of two beautiful ladies having fun together on a sunny afternoon, from a Kenyan photograph. The picture is considered a Quality Image on Commons and is currently used to illustrate one article : friendship.é

Second picture was actually taken by a French citizen, and features a fashion designer in Senegal.
It currently illustrates one article about fashion :

The third picture represent a lady in Ghana, also by a photograph (I found his site and facebook page, but got no answer from him...) We actually used that picture to illustrate our Wiki Loves Women writing contest :écriture

The 4th picture is from Algeria and features a beautiful woman wearing an haik. This image has a featured status on Commons. It currently illustrate the article on veil :

The first 3 pictures have been selected by a mixed jury of wikipedians and non wikipedians (including photographers, developer, chemical engineer, fashion blogger, and fashion designer). Jury composition available here :
The 4th picture was chosen by the community.

Tunisia is the country who made it first in terms of number of images, followed closely by Côte d'Ivoire, our leader in 2014.


Whilst this was the continental contest, other winners were identified locally.

For example, check out winners in Algeria

As you may notice, several of their images made it Quality Images or Featured Images status. And more prizes were delivered :)


In other countries, images have been celebrated differently.

For example, in Cameroon, a show of the best images have been set up at the Institut Français. Check out a few first pictures here :
The show room is open till 27th of February.


More details will be featured in a couple of weeks on Commons in a project report.


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