It is not only people who speak English as a second language who are likely
confused. The confusion comes partly from the fact that we have an ED and
some board members saying one thing and official documents submitted to a
funder saying something different. These two sources of information about
"Wikipedia search" do not appear to be reconcilable.

We then have the partly related issue of low moral among WMF staff. This
has led to some people leaving and others taking time off. Many within the
foundation do not feel they can speak freely due to potential retaliation
from the ED. Many people are therefore being cautious with their words.

I agree we need to speak clearly, simply, and openly. We should also invite
the Knight Foundation to join this conversation. We need to get a few more
perspectives on the issues in front of us.
James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

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