> I can only speak for myself here, but I'm really not tied to my position :)
> If there is a clear signal from the wider community that I should step
> down, I will.

There aren't such signals, and FWIW I think there shouldn't be: while quite
a few people (myself included) expressed disappointment with the BoT as a
governing body, you are the only member to have frequently and openly
shared thoughts and information with the community. FWIW, I do hope you
stick around - there are turbulent times ahead.

I do suggest, however, that for us to emerge better from all this, an
honest, independent and *transparent* inspection of the BoT should take
place. Such an inspection needs to offer suggestions to improve Board
formation and size, communication, transparency, and, well, accountability
towards the Foundation *and* the community. Dariusz, I hope you stay
onboard (...) and push for something like that.

One side note, directed at Pine:
It's irresponsible (and *deeply* disrespectful) for anyone on this list to
be calling for resignations publicly - either those of Trustees, WMF
Executives or anyone else. Yes, many of us agree that change needs to
happen but let's not lose sight of how a good change process needs to
occur: with civility and humility, with transparency and honesty and while
preserving the good values[1] that already exist in our Movement and in the


[1] https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Values
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