On 2/27/16 5:28 PM, SarahSV wrote:
> Doc James has asked Jimbo to release a 30 December 2015 email from Jimbo to
> James, which explained the reasons for the removal. [1]

It isn't primarily about reasons for the removal, and in fact only
partly touches on that topic.  It's primarily about why I think he
should apologize to the community, and reviewing it now, I would
actually add several more reasons.

There are board discussions ongoing about more information being
released - and I hope those are productive.  Within a few days time,
I'll know whether it's ok for me to publish this private email - it
still touches on matters that are not public.

It was written at a time when there were efforts underway by Patricio to
get James to agree to a joint statement.  It is an encouragement to
James to be honest with the community about what happened.  It is not a
full explanation of what happened - he already knew that.


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