On 2016-03-02 20:58, Andreas Kolbe wrote:

Now, why are we bestowing Wikipedian of the Year honours on government
employees of repressive regimes? If we had the US Secretary of Defense
writing Wikipedia articles about the US Army, or had employees of the
German government running Wikimedia Deutschland, I'm sure there'd be an
outcry, even though those are countries with quite favourable records on human rights, press freedom and so on. The idea of an award would not even

Susanna is (or was) a researcher, and every researcher in Armenia is a state employee. There are just no non-governmental organizations who employ researchers.

I do think there is a problem with a potential Armenian board member (that is, Turkish and Azeri Wikimedians would basically consider board as not legitimate), but I do not think the fact that she is or was employed by the Academy of Sciences is in any way problematic.


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