2016-03-02 23:22 GMT-08:00 Erik Moeller <eloque...@gmail.com>:
> Jimmy made a couple of suggestions earlier [1], including to publish
> all presentations given to the Board and to have a trusted community
> observer.

"Nearly all", to paraphrase accurately, and on re-reading the email
I'm not sure I understand the "observer" idea ("a program of invited
board observers from people who are well known and well trusted by the
community"). Personally, I do find it intriguing but I'm not sure it
would add much value transparency-wise, unless these observers play
some kind of role in the discussion of what gets published, i.e. they
effectively act as advocates for transparency.

> When it comes to presentations, the manual primarily refers to
> exceptions such as Legal presentations and documents "intended for
> presentation".

That should read: "intended for publication".

Erik (and now I'm really over my quota)

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