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>>> Out of interest, Chris, have you ever served on a nonprofit board?
>> Nope.
> If you ever do, I think you will end up with a very different perspective
> on the commitment of time and emotional energy WMF board members make, and
> what it's reasonable to expect of them.
> Chris

Not really. My mother was involved in a non-profit. She also looked after two 
children, worked full time and did a lot of housework (I fell kind of bad I 
didn't help enough, but I was young and my dad worked sone odd hours).

She managed to get the meeting minutes distributed in about a week. She treated 
it very seriously and yes, sometimes they were late by a week. 

Interestingly, I checked out GLAM's minutes. They are published very quickly 
and are quite detailed. The Discovery Team's minutes are very detailed and were 
published very rapidly.

The WMF's minutes were published on the Wiki on the 14th January, but it was 
held on the 7-8 November. And they don't mention the board action to remove 
James, so they don't appear to be complete. And some points don't appear to be 
particularly detailed.

Do you serve on any non-profit boards Chris?

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