This sounds like an excellent strategy if you're looking to have the board
meetings turn into a rubber stamp for issues that have been discussed and
decided elsewhere.

Rather than solving the transparency problem through gimmicks like wheeling
a video camera into the board room, we should look at reasons why the Board
of Trustees might not feel comfortable being transparent.  The only real
solution will involve cultural change, not just on the WMF side, but also
from the community.  What can *we* as community members do to assist the
WMF in being transparent?

Although, I most certainly agree that the official minutes of meetings
could do with a little more detail.  If brevity is wit, then the existing
minutes are positively Wildean.


On 3 March 2016 at 16:31, Pine W <> wrote:

> Having WMF Board meetings be open and recorded by default would be
> a wonderful step in aligning the Board with the value of transparency.
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