On 3 March 2016 at 11:53, Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijs...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The ED has been sacrificed. It is obvious that the baying for blood has not
> stopped.

Last time I checked, Lila was still alive and supporting the WMF for
the rest of the month. Fortunately the age of martyrs is long past.

It is true that a change of CEO, means a convenient scapegoat so that
issues that had absolutely nothing to do with Lila, such as Jimmy
Wales' "utter fucking bullshit" attacks,[4] can be spun away and might
be forgotten by the community. The trouble is, that many of these
problems have not vanished just because Lila will be moving on. The
deep rooted problems must be faced by the current board of trustees,
and they can rely on the fact that after 15 years of organic growth of
the community, there are too many passionate WMF observers, tech
journalists and long serving Wikimedia volunteers who have memories
stretching back longer than most trustees have been around.

Criticism of the WMF board to be expected, when we read ridiculous
contradictions in public statements and the jaw dropping failures in
trustee governance over the past few months. Though a couple of
"nutcases" (to quote a recent email sent to me) may be read as
bloodthirsty and probably not worth focusing on, the vast majority of
critical posts are supported by the facts and expressed in a civil
way, even if they are grounded in anger and disappointment because,
you know, those of us writing here who are not paid to do so, care
about what happens to *our* Wikimedia projects and the future of *our*

Fortunately we have been reassured many, many times that the trustees
are listening, being thoughtful and they are nothing like clowns.
Sadly the trustees are also many months overdue to take any meaningful
positive action on their own failed governance. As an example, the
Geshuri fiasco has not resulted in a single improvement so far,
perhaps there never will be anything more than political spin in
response, even the Board Governance Committee has not changed a single
face as far as I can tell (though, they appear to have not published
any minutes since 2013, may there are minutes hidden away somewhere
equally opaque, it's beyond my skills to discover them at this

In the meantime, dearest Gerard, please turn down the dial from 11 to
a 6, especially if you are going to keep on being the most prolific
poster breaking the 30 post soft limit month after month.[2][3]

1. https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Category:Minutes
2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_to_eleven
3. https://stats.wikimedia.org/mail-lists/wikimedia-l.html

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