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> On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 5:17 PM, carl hansen <carlhansen1...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> https://about.commonsearch.org/
>> "We are building a nonprofit search engine for the Web"
>> Sounds alot like Knowledge Engine, if there were such a thing.
>> Any overlap with wikimedia projects?

> Thanks for the link, Carl. Erik and Lydia are advisors, so perhaps they
> could say a bit more about it.

Sylvain has been working on this stuff for a while, blissfully
ignorant of Wikimedia's discussions of search engines, rocketships and
so on. He reached out to me shortly before the public announcement and
we've talked a bit about governance, community & funding models. I've
agreed to provide some continued advice along the way but have not
otherwise been involved.

He recently posted on wikitech-l asking for suggestions how
Wikipedia/Wikidata could be integrated:

There's a lot of heavy lifting still until Common Search can become a
viable project even for narrowly defined purposes but I think it's a
very worthwhile effort. It also is -- I think correctly -- based on
the largest pre-existing open effort to index the web, the Common
Crawl. This could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between
Common Search and Common Crawl. From a Wikimedia perspective, it might
develop into an opportunity to jointly showcase some of the amazing
stuff that Wikidata can already do.


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