Thanks Greg.

Kelly, I'm wondering if you can comment on the role of this committee
outside of audit-related tasks. My understanding is that this committee
also functions as a general-purpose finance and budget committee for the
WMF Board.

On Apr 4, 2016 13:54, "Greg Varnum" <> wrote:

> Forward on behalf of Kelly Battles.
> Hello All -
> My name is Kelly Bodnar Battles and I am honored to have joined the
> Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees in January of this year.
> Professionally, I am a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and a material part
> of my near term Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) Board responsibilities will be
> to chair the Audit Committee.  Currently, the voting members of the Audit
> Committee are myself, Alice Wiegand, María Sefidari and Denny Vrandečić.
> WMF’s CFO and Treasurer Jaime Villagomez is also an important stakeholder
> on this committee as well.
> As you may know, we have the precedent of having non-voting members
> (please see role definition below) from outside the board participate in
> the Audit Committee as well.  Toward that end, I would like to:
> -      First and foremost, thank Matt Bisanz, Michael Snow, Abhijith
> Jayanthi, Ben Creasy and Florian Gerl for participating in this committee
> as non-voting members in the recent past.
> -      Request that if you are interested (or know of other volunteers in
> the community who may be interested) in serving in this capacity for this
> next cycle (from selection through June 2017), please send to me at this
> email address ( <>)
> your resume, the top 3 reasons why you want to do this and the top 3 things
> you will add to the Audit Committee.
> -      Propose the following steps and timeline for the selection process:
>     -      Candidates submit their interest and the above information to
> me no later than April 15
>     -      The Audit Committee will interview top 4 candidates by May 10
>     -      The Audit Committee will select the top 2 candidate by May 15
>     -      Selected candidates join the Audit committee by June 1 and
> attend July Audit Committee meeting
> -      Outline the following important preferences for candidates
> interested in this role:
>     -      5+ years of operational finance and or accounting experience
>     -      Solid understanding of the mission and operations of WMF
>     -      Prior executive or board experience
>     -      CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or MBA (Masters in Business
> Administration), or equivalent earned
>     -      Capacity to commit an estimated 20-30 hours annually to attend
> both quarterly and other ad-hoc meetings, prepare or review required
> materials, and interact with committee, staff and/or board as required.
> Once again, I am thrilled to be part of this amazing organization.  Thank
> you for the warm welcome I have received so far.
> Best,
> Kelly
> See link for Audit Committee charter
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