Dear all

I would like to invite you to watch a talk by Kevin Schawinski, an
astrophysicist from ETH Zurich and co-founder of citizen science platform
Galaxy Zoo, on April 14 at 1pm PDT (20mins from now).

In his talk “From the Galaxy Zoo to Citizen Science Cyborgs", Kevin will
talk about astronomic research, in which volunteers can participate and
contribute to identify galaxies, and new developments in citizen science.
These phenomena are very much aligned with Wikimedia values and showcase
the power of collaboration for knowledge. Kevin is an amazing scientist
with a deep understanding of collaborative systems as well as a great
interest in online participation. After his talk, he will answer questions
- mostly about citizen science but maybe also about supermassive black
holes. :)

Here are the remote options:

YouTube stream:
Jacob Rogers will be relaying questions from IRC in #wikimedia-office

Sorry about the late notice. The recording will be publicly available.



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