Let's get real. Let's stop apologising for Jimmy Wales or pretending
he's our Royal family and can never be correctly held to account for
his actions.

We can say without any doubt that Jimmy is a bully, he misuses
"confidentiality" as a political weapon, and he has repeatedly been
emotionally unable to back down from any of his obviously misleading
statements, even when directly caught out with demonstrable facts. If
any trustee should be removed "for cause", it would be Jimmy. The
community should be able to hold up a mirror and call his misuse of
his trustee position "utter fucking bullshit". He is the only trustee
with a very direct commercial conflict of interest, yet his ownership
of Wikia has never been publicly declared, nor has Jimmy ever recused
from open WMF board discussions and decisions because of that direct
and highly profitable interest.

This nonsense has been going on for a decade. Jimmy is never going
change, and he's never going to give up his honorary Founder's seat
without being forced off it with a massive political crowbar. A meta
RFC to get rid of the Founder's seat, and thereby force Jimmy to stand
for election, may be appropriate and necessary now, certainly the
current WMF trustees are incapable of discussing Jimmy in any frank
way, despite their private views.

P.S. Andreas, I suggest adding to your list of failed promises his
recent speedily arranged trip to San Francisco where he made several
claims that he was going to meet WMF employees to get the facts behind
their discontent, and the results were going to be published. I do
hope that the board covered all his expenses, which were perfectly
legitimate. However presumably the WMF board were expecting a
published outcome and report to the board. Presumably the meetings
either failed to happen, or went very badly, perhaps they were
critical of the board and Jimmy, as there has been a profound silence
from Jimmy and the rest of the trustees about what those meetings.
Surely everyone now gets the idea that the WMF board has a serious
lack of transparency without Jimmy rubbing everyone's nose in it?


On 5 May 2016 at 14:26, Andreas Kolbe <jayen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 10:09 AM, James Heilman <jmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> In a Dec 30th, 2015 personal email JW touched on two potential reasons but
>> they are unfounded.
> I've lost count of the number of times Jimmy Wales said in recent months
> that he would know "within a few days" whether it was fine to publish that
> Dec 30th personal email, that he was urging the board towards full
> transparency, that all would be clear on Monday ... and then ... nothing.
> Just empty promises, without any follow-up to say whether the email will or
> will not be published.
> Is anyone on the board actually preventing Jimmy (or James) from publishing
> that personal email?

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