Also, a request:

Please add:
- User names (i.e., {{User0|BrillLyle}}
- Links to relevant topics of conversation (i.e., Code of Conduct and
Confidentiality Agreement) and events (i.e., WikiCite 2016)

The March meeting minutes are making me itchy -- I want to add these

Here at WM NYC we list user names with talk pages and links to relevant
topics and events at WM NYC Board and chapter meetings. It seems to be more
convenient for folks and is aligned with the desire for good will
transparency. Plus the user names won't change significantly so I often
have them in hidden text, then adjust for actual attendees.

But then some might consider me an over wikilinker, probably. :-)

- Erika
Also enjoy alphabetical order....

*Erika Herzog*
Wikipedia *User:BrillLyle* <>
Secretary, Wikimedia NYC

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 2:34 AM, Rogol Domedonfors <>

> I note that the minutes I requested in my posting yesterday were published
> two hours later [1] althought not linked from
> as one would expect, not
> were
> they announced on the mailing list.  While I am glad that this has finally
> happened, it is deplorable that it should require persistent public
> complaints to make such a simple and easy thing happen when it should have
> been entirely routine -- the situation is still quite unsatisfactory and I
> look forward to receiving a clear explanation from the people responsible.
> I note that the issue of minutes will "be discussed as an item proposed as
> one of the governance improvements".  I hope that this discussion will lead
> to action, which is what has been conspicuously lacking.  Is the Community
> involved in these proposals for governance improvement?
> Rogol
> [1]
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