On June 3-5, the Polish Wikimedia chapter held its annual Wikimedia Polska Conference, including the General Assembly of Members (June 4). As it was the end of the current term for the Board, seven Board members were elected for the next term, 2016-2018:

* Tomasz Ganicz / Polimerek, President
* Michał Buczyński, Aegis Maelstrom, Vice-President
* Marek Stelmasik / Masti, Treasurer
* Wojciech Pędzich / Wpedzich, Secretary
* Małgorzata Wilk / Maire
* Tomasz Skibiński / Elfhelm
* Jarosław Błaszczak / Powerek38

The new Revision Commitee was also elected, as well as the Internal Court. The relevant Metapage and chapter page have been updated, but if you'd care to update some language versions, you're invited.


Kind regards,
Wojciech Pędzich / User:Wpedzich

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