Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that Wikimedia Israel received a grant from an
Israeli Charitable Foundation to replicate its successful program of
working with gifted students on the Hebrew Wikipedia, and expand it to
gifted Arabic speaking students in Israel to edit Arabic Wikipedia.

We're excited by the opportunity to support work in more languages spoken
in Israel, as well as expand our reach to new audiences.

In preparation for this grant, Wikimedia Israel team has performed some
exploratory work in an Arabic speaking school in Israel for the past year,
and translated the instructional materials to Arabic. This great work has
been carried on by Shay Katz and Dror Kamir (respectively), and we want to
take this opportunity to thank them. Last but not least, we want to thank
Michal who made it through some pretty stressful deadlines for writing and
submitting the request.

On behalf of the WMIL Board,

Ido Ivri,
Board Secretary
Wikimedia Israel
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