Dan Garry wrote:

> Reaching out to [Google] is the easiest and quickest way to get
> these kinds of issues fixed....

Google is a whole lot better than Altavista was back when their
snippets were taken from title and meta tags or the first words
on the page, but there have been some issues that they've not
been as responsive on as we might have hoped.

Should the Foundation organize its liaison with Google? Does
Google have staff who are assigned to resolving issues with
Wikipedia? Should the Foundation publish a directory by topic
area of the people to ask when there seems to be a problem
that Google could help solve? Presumably those could be
different people for different kinds of issues, and maybe would
sometimes be Foundation and sometimes Google personnel.

Is it fair to ask, in the interest of transparency, when Google
approaches the Foundation about an issue which could involve
the community, or when the Foundation reaches out to Google
on issues which might impact the community, that some
non-Foundation representative member(s) of the community
be notified about the issue and the ongoing work to fix it?

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