Hello one & all

I am proud to announce the Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in India has finally
shortlisted its top 10 images.
This journey was never easy.. With over 32,000+ images uploaded for the
6,000+ Contributors, we saw a phenomenal response from India.

All the hardwork put by the Volunteers
& the Jury was what that made this competition a success.

You can find all the details regarding our competition here <

Jury Members

   - Ashish Kothari
   - Santosh Shingare
   - Souradeep Ghosh

Top 10 images as selected by the Jury <

File:Nirar Anai.jpg <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nirar_Anai.jpg>
This Picture is taken behind Nirar Dam at Valparai, Tamil nadu  overlooking
the beautiful Annamalai R.F division (Indra Gandhi Wildlife Reserve) by

File: Grey Horn Bill.jpg
Grey horn bill with its favourite fruit by User: Mithan B M

File:Can it or not.jpg
A green Bee-eater trying to catch a bee by User:ARIJIT MONDAL

File:The burning mountain.jpg
Mount Kanchenjunga seen from by User:Yoghya

File:A Morning in Chandratal.jpg
A Morning in Chandratal by User:Mahendra Pal Singh

File: Elephas maximus indicusCorbett.jpg
An Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) taking a dust bath at the
Banks of the Ramganga River in Jim Corbett National park by User:Tanmay

File: Demoiselle cranes in Khichan near Bikaner (Rajasthan).jpg
Beautiful Demoiselle cranes migrate from Mongolia to Khichan near Bikaner
(Rajasthan) by User:ANKITNARANG297

File: Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (ODKF).jpg
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher at Shiravali by User:P Subramanya C K

File:Changu or Tsomgo Lake.jpg
Changu or Tsomgo Lake is at located at the east of Sikkim & at a very high
altitude by User:Sudhanshu Gupta

File:When the big cat turned to my camera!.jpg
Bengal Tiger posing for the camera by User:NIKHIL CHAMARTY

Yohann Thomas
President,Wikimedia India
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