How to grow our technical community? This is a main topic at the upcoming
Wikimedia Developer Summit (San Francisco, January 11-13, 2017).

There is a call for participation open until the end of this month (October
31). Your proposals for discussions related to this main topic are welcome!
There are some ideas about possible topics at

If you are interested in contributing to the discussions about How to grow
our technical community, please join us at the Summit (the deadline to
request travel sponsorship is next Monday, October 24).

PLEASE ENCOURAGE OTHER PEOPLE to submit a proposal and/or join the Summit.
This email will likely arrive to the core of the Wikimedia technical
community, but the chances to arrive to the periphery and beyond are a lot
smaller. We need your help! We want to discuss how to grow our technical
community including the perspectives of those who haven't joined us yet.

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation
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