Dear movement fellows,

Wikimedia France held its Annual General Meeting on October 29th, 2016.
During this AGM, we elected 6 board members, of which 3 are new (and shiny).

Sébastien Beyou was not running for a new term and the board is grateful
for his service as deputy treasurer. Of course, he will remain an active
member of the chapter.

Marie-Alice Mathis, 31, is finishing a double PhD in neuroscience from the
Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and Université Claude-Bernard in Lyon.
Leaving the hectic world of academic research, she now has a slightly less
hectic job in a hospital near Paris and is planning to become an EMT. She
brings her newly found free time and experience of the academic world to
the board of Wikimedia France in the hope of fostering contributions from
researchers, with a focus on Open Access and the defense of the Commons.

Caroline Becker, 29, is a software engineer living in Toulouse. Some of you
might know her through her involvement in the Project Grant Committee.
She's an active member of Wikimedia France since 2011, working with GLAM
partners, organizing conferences and workshops, and working on the quality
process. She's also a sysop on French Wikipedia and Commons, and writes
bots for Wikidata.

Manuel Fauveau, 64, is a French retired civil engineer. A Wikipedian since
2008, and a member of our chapter since fall 2013, he focuses on helping
newcomers discover the projects and start with the encyclopedia. On summer
2015, he joined (as secretary) the board of Vikidia, the non profit running
the Encyclopedia for kids 8-13. Aiming to go one step further with the
movement, he joins the board to help improving communication between all
the stakeholders.

The day after this AGM, the Board of trustees held its first meeting and
elected its officers.

Our board is now structured as follow:
* Émeric Vallespi, chair

* Samuel Le Goff, vice chair (reelected)

* Guillaume Goursat, treasurer

* Édouard Hue, secretary

* Caroline Becker, (elected)

* Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, (reelected)

* Manuel Fauveau. (elected)

* Pierre-Selim Huard, (reelected)

* Marie-Alice Mathis, (elected)

* Florian Pépellin

Please welcome our newcomers and join us in expressing your gratitude to
Sébastien our former board member!



Pierre-Selim Huard
Wikimédia France, Association pour le libre partage de la connaissance
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