Hi Everyone,
> I have an exciting personal update to share with all of you. Today, I am
> joining Quora as Chief Financial Officer. I have shared more information on
> my Quora personal blog[1].
> Once I decided to accept this role, I shared the news with Christophe as
> chair of the Board and Katherine as ED, both in the interest of full
> disclosure and to flag any potential conflicts of interest. Stephen LaPorte
> and Michelle Paulson, as interim Secretary of the Board and Foundation’s
> General Counsel, reviewed the new position and concluded there are no
> existing conflicts. After reviewing the bylaws, we’re confident we can
> properly manage any that may arise.
> As some of you may know, Jimmy Wales has a small investment in Quora. I
> was not personally aware of this during this process. As I learned of it
> during the conflict of interest review, I wanted to share that information
> and clarify there was no connection.
> I’m very excited about this next chapter in my professional life. I
> sincerely look forward to the opportunity to learn more about another
> passionate community, while continuing my commitment to serve Wikimedia as
> a Foundation Trustee over the years ahead. This service has been a true
> honor, thank you for support.
> Best,
> Kelly Battles
> *Member, Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees*
> 1. https://kellybattles.quora.com/Joining-Quora-as-CFO
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