Christophe writes "suggesting a Board member should resign and at the same
time saying the process was properly followed, is not ok".  I am not sure
exactly what he means to convey by this, but I am not aware that anyone
posting to this thread has said anything that can be described in this

In the unlikely event that he thinks this is what I myself was saying, I
suggest he read my comment again (at least one other contributor has had no
difficulty in understanding it).  The point of it was that the process of
managing Kelly's conflict of interest will deprive the Board of a source of
advice which is undesirable when the Board already has two vacancies and no
clearly expressed plans to fill them.  It appears that he disagrees, which
is, of course, OK.

If Christophe believes that any postings in this thread have expressed
criticisms or concerns in a manner which he regards as improper, he should
say clearly what he objects to and why he objects to it.  Merely issuing
general instructions to the generality of list members to treat the Board
in general with greater respect is likely to prove counter-productive.

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